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AWV 200

Autonomous Work Vehicle 200

Early 2022, we are proud to release first Autonomous Work Vehicle AWV 200. 
AWV 200 is an autonomous mobility platform that can be used for various applications by installing attachments.
In late 2021, we started demonstration experiments with partners in China.
Transporting fruit, weeding, and spraying in Orchard, monitoring test farms, delivery supplies at Open-cut Coal Mine.
AWVs can be controlled in remote or tow and carry supplies to pre-set destinations. For the test, operators could set destination points for the AWVs on a pad-based app. The FPV image return can help the operators to monitor during cruise.



Cargo Capacity: 200 kgs

Towing Capacity: 320 kgs

Rear Hitch Type: tbd

Empty Weight: 120 kgs​

Engine: 125 cc 4 stroke

AUX Power: Std 12V

Control: Autonomous & Manual

Cruise Speed: 5 to 40 km/h

Max. Speed: 45 km/h

Minimum Turning Radius: 3.6 meters

Max. Climbing Capability: 45°

Max. Flow Rate (Agri Spray kit): 10 liters/min

Vehicle Dimensions: 138L x 84W x 77H cm

Carrier Dimensions: 130L x 80W cm

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All Terrain

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Vehicle: Video
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