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Y25 Agricultural Sprayer Drone

Hybrid gasoline

25 liters spray tank

Consumes regular gasoline. Do NOT carry and replace Batteries.

Fully electric driven, easy to pilot.

High-precision positioning, cloud management... Everything you want a sprayer to have is there.

Low operating cost: $0.48 USD / HA*

*calculation conditions: Spraying 4.6 Ha takes 25 minutes and consumes 2.5 liters fuel. Fuel price is $0.91 USD per liter

Fly longer and fly better

30 mins fly time makes a great job much easier. With full payload? You still have 20 mins.


IP 67 protection for core modules
300 hours between enigne overhaul. Contact us for assistance.


Total Weight (Excluding fuel) kg


Max Takeoff Weight kg

82.0 (At Sea Level)

Max Hovering Time hours


GNSS+D-RTK Dual Positioning System Hovering Accuracy cm


D-RTK Enabled: horizontal & vertical±10 (China Only)

D-RTK Disabled: Horizental±60 vertical±30 radar modular enabled±10

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm

1350 x 960 x 998 (Frame arms folded)

Diagonal Wheelbase mm


Number of Arms


Max Operating Speed m/s


Max Flying Speed m/s


Fuel Consumption Liter/ Hour


Operating Temperature  °C

-20 ~ 40

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level m


Remote Start (IGS system)



92 or above

FPV Camera

FOV Horizontal 98°Vertical78°Resolution1080x960

Liquid Tank Volume Liter

Standard 16 Max 20

Liquid Tank Payload kg

Standard 20 Max 20

Number of Nozzle


Nozzle Model

Teejet XR11001VS or German agro11001 (Droplet Size 130~250 μm)

Max Spray Flow Liter/min


Spray Width m

10~12 m ( 8 nozzles, at a height of 2.5~3.5m above crops)

Terrain Follow Radar

Altitude detection range 1 - 30 m; Stabilization working range 1.5 - 15 m; Max slope in Mountain mode 35°



    The Y25 airecraft is not a toy and is not suitable for children under the age of 18.

    Note that the Safety at a glance section only provide a quick overview of the safty tips. Make sure you read and understand the User manual.

    1. Pesticide Uasage

    • Avoid the use of powder pesticides as much as possible as they may reduce the service lif of the spraying system.
    • Pesticides are poisonous and pose serious risks to safety. Only use them in strict accordance with their specifications.
    • Residue on the equipment caused by splashes or spills when pouring and mixing the pesticide can irritate your skin. Make sure to clean the equipment after mixing.
    • Use clean water to mix the pesticide and filter the mixed liquid before pouring into the spray tank to avoid blocking the strainer. Clear any blockage before using the equipment.
    • Make sure to stay in an upwind area when spraying pesticide to avoid bodily harm.
    • Ware protective clothing to prevent direct body contact with the pesticide. Rinse your hands and skin after handling pesticides. Clean the aircraft and remote controller after applying the pesticide.
    • Effective use of pesticides depends on pesticide density, spray rate, spray distance, aircraft speed, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and humidity. Consider all factors when using pesticides, but DO NOT compromise the safty of people, animals, or the environment in doing so.
    • DO NOT contaminate rivers and sources of drinking water.

    2. Operation

    • Stay away from the rotating propellers and motors.
    • The takeoff weight must not exceed 82.5 kg when using near sea level. Note that when using at a higher sea level, the takeoff weight capacity will be reduced.
    • Maintain a visual line of sight (VLOS) of your aircraft at all times.
    • DO NOT use the Combination Stick Command (CSC) or other methods to stop the motors when the aircraft is airborne unless in an emergency situation.
    • DO NOT answer incoming calls during flight. DO NOT fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • If there is a low battery warning, land the aircraft immediately at a safe location.

    3. Mantenance and Upkeep

    • DO NOT use aged, chipped, or broken propellers.
    • To avoid damaging the landing gear, remove or empty the spray tank and fuel tank during transportation or when not in use.
    • Recommended storage temperature (when the spray tank, flow meter, pumps, and hoses are empty): between -20° and 40°C (-4° and 104°F).
    • Clean the aircraft immediately after spraying. Inspect the aircraft regularly. Refer to the Product Care section of User Manual for more information about maintenance guidelines.

    4. Observe Local Laws and Regulations

    • You can find a list of GEO zones at Not that the GEO zones are not a replacement for local government regulations or good judgment.
    • Avoid flying at altitudes above 30m (98ft). The altitude limit of 30 m means the altitude between the aircraft and the surface of the objects below it when the altitude stabilization function of the radar module is enabled. If the functin is disabled. the altitude limit means the altitude between the aircraft and the takeoff point.

    1. Return Policy

    • After receiving the item, contact seller within 14 days. Refund will be given as Monyback. Buyer pays for return shipping

    2. Handling Time

    • Will usually ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment.

    3. If we have not specified a shipping method to your place. Contact us and request shipping to your location.

    4. Warranty

    • We offer Y25 a 3 YEARS EXTENDED WARRANTY

    • Contact us for assistance.


    1. Handling Time

    Will usually ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment.

    2. If we have not specified a shipping method to your place. Contact us and request shipping to your location.

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