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The Team


LI Zhen

​Chief Designer

LI Zhen is an essential part of the team, and has been with richenpower since the very beginning. He is responsible for overseeing our products and services, including product and package design. He is also responsible for aspects of advertising and marketing.

HUANG Xiaopeng

Chief Operation Officer

Since joining richenpower, HUANG Xiaopeng has played a crucial role in the continued success of the company. Their exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.

LIU Jiang

Chief Technical Officer

Richenpower was pleased to welcome LIU Jiang to the team. He oversees and handles technological operations. He makes decisions for all technological propblems solving and leads the technology team. As a motivated, results-oriented leader of engineering, they’ve helped to make us what we are today.

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All About Us

Highly Trained, Highly Effective

We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards, and have been part of this industry since 2015. We have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience as a Drone Manufacturer, and continue to expand our practices each and every day. We supply many local and global companies with a variety of innovative products, created with the greatest degree of precision and care.

In November 2015, Beijing Junhe Hengtai Investment Management Center (limited partnership) was introduced with an investment amount of 11.75 million yuan. 

We mainly focus on: various power-related commercial multi-rotors with power below 300 kW. Its expansion technology can be applied to many fields such as new energy vehicles and wind energy storage.

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Fly Across Bohai Bay

On September 9, 2017, a drone powered by richenpower hybrid gasoline system successfully crossed the Bohai Bay, setting a record for the longest navigation time and longest distance in the history of multi rotor UAV.

瑞深动力 跨越渤海201709.JPG
瑞深动力 跨越渤海201709-1.JPG
bohai bay.jpg
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