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H2 ISG Hybrid Engine

H2 ISG Hybrid Engine

SKU: H2isg
H2 ISG (Integrated Satart & Generator) Gasoline Hybrid Engine
We are proud to release the the upgraded H2, that is H2 ISG.
New features are intruduced:
ISG (Integrated Satart & Generator) system. Starter is not needed any more. 
Controller box is removed. The control board and LED are integrated in the generator. 
Remote starting is available. To start and stop the engine via RC controller switch or on GSC via MAVLink. It makes the Cold Starting easier as well.

Replace heavy batteries with H2 hybrid engine. More than two hours can the drone fly. Make your drone more useful. 
INDUSTRIAL standard designed and manufactured Apply to 18 kg (40 lbs) take-off weight Quadcopters, Hexacopters or VOTL. 
Maximum payload is 5 kg (11lbs), Cruise time 2+ hours with 3 kg (6.6lbs) payloadEnvironmental temperature between -20° and 40°C (-4° and 104°F).  H2 is available in extremely cold areas without preheating.  Plug & Play. Easy to mount on to your UAVs drones only by screwingDC 48V/12S output easy as batteries  LOW Cost. Fulfill Automotive regular gasoline


    H2 ISG


    4.0kg(8.8lbs) w/o Accessories /

    5.2kg(11.5lbs) Total


    1.8kW(2.4hp) Continuous /

    2.0kW(2.6hp) Max. Power

    DimensionL x W x H)

    260 x 312 x 325 mm/10 x 12 x 12 in

    Applicable UAV Types

    Multicopters & VTOL Fix-wings

    Max. Take-off Weight

    18kg(39.7lbs) or UAV suggested

    Output Voltage

    12 S (49V)

    Fuel consumption

    750 g/kw·h(hovering 1.5 L/h)

    Service Temperature

    -20 ~ 40 °C / –4 ~ 104 °F

    Ceiling (above the sea)

    1000 m / 3280 ft

    Rotating direction

    Clock wise (view from starter)


    Automotive #95 or above + 2T oil

    H2 UAV Engine Hybrid Multirotor Power Configuration




    Prop. Number

    Max. Takeoff Weight KG

    Norm Takeoff Weight KG

    Dji E2000Pro 6010kv130

    21x7 Plastic