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NEW Release Y25 Agricultrual Sprayer Drone

New Agri. Series Y25 releases in March 2020. Significant upgrade and hundreds of hours test are made. Y25 is of course Hybrid gasoline. The engine is completely new platform, water cooled, one touch start, and has a much longer service cycle of 300 hours.

Y25 consumes regular gasoline. Do NOT carry and replace Batteries.

Fully electric driven, easy to pilot. 

High-precision positioning, cloud management... Everything you want a sprayer to have is there.

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1 Comment

Jan 12, 2021

Our team here in Australia are very happy with our Y25 sprayer drone, from the quality build, the hybrid motor and quality of the pump amd nozzle system. In 8 years of agricultural drone work this is the best value system we have used.

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