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US$1.5 Million Drone X Challenge 2020

We have attracted the attention of many overseas merchants. Richenpower was invited by the DXC2020 Organizing Committee to participate in the Drone Challenge. Ruishen Company also stood out from the crowd of 582 teams and became one of the 8 teams. It is also the only one in mainland China. Team and received the first phase of research and development funding.

DXC 2020 is a $1.5 million Global Challenge ($1 million in final bonus and $500,000 in R&D grants) that is driving the development and innovation frontier of drone technology.

The DXC 2020 is designed to accelerate the actual deployment of drones/UAVs in critical transportation and delivery. DXC 2020 will support innovative business applications/solutions to address two main challenges: payload capacity and flight endurance.

Ruishen is also designing and developing a high-performance logistics drone with a minimum load of 50kg and a minimum durability of 180 minutes.

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